Favorite Side Character in Sight Beyond the Sun

Side characters can sometimes compete for center stage in a book, and as an author, it can be a difficult balancing act to keep the limelight on my hero when I’m secretly falling in love with his brother! This was easily the case with Tironan, my favorite side character in Sight Beyond the Sun. Tironan is Raveno’s opposite in so many ways, and watching him find his voice when it mattered most and fight for their bond as brothers was one of the “big feels” moments for me while writing this book.


Sight Beyond… First Impressions

Seeing beyond first impressions is an important theme throughout Sight Beyond the Sun and an especially tricky moral for my main characters to live by. Raveno is working undercover against the tyrannical ruler of his planet (his father) and Kinsley is a double agent, pretending to work for Raveno. Both their hearts are in the right place, but with lives on the line and the fate of an entire planet hanging in the balance, trusting one another seems impossible. Until their lips touch 😍🔥🥵 and they begin to communicate with real feeling instead of empty promises.

Writing Tip: Navigating the Middle Slump

😵‍💫Problem: I’m halfway through my book, and I’ve run out of steam. Where is this book even going?

🥳Recommendation: The beauty of writing is that unlike other arts, we have a delete button! So give yourself permission to be wrong, and write a future scene you want to happen, a possible ending for your story, or some random dialogue. It’s okay if you never even use it (I bet you will) but the point is to keep actively thinking. Once you’re not so entirely focused on being stuck, a connection will spark, and you’ll find your way forward.

Sight Beyond the Sun Playlist

When I make a playlist specific to the book I’m writing, it helps me better understand the characters, their personalities, and the general “vibe” I’m trying to create with my story. For Sight Beyond the Sun, you’ll hear songs that represent my heroine’s fierceness, confidence, and determination. You’ll hear my hero struggle with his morals and his longing. You’ll hear them as a couple, resisting the strength of their own feelings, their distrust (in themselves and each other) and eventual slide into passion. You’ll also hear a few notes from side characters, like my hero’s ex-wife and her crushing regret. But most of all, I hope that what you hear, you enjoy!!

Snowden Library is Shelving Sight Beyond the Sun!

One of my all time favorite libraries, my very own Lycoming College Snowden Library. is now shelving my newest book, Sight Beyond the Sun! Lyco has always been ridiculously supportive of my writing: hosting book signings, publishing featured articles, shelving my books at Snowden, selling signed copies at the bookstore and sharing posts online. Thank you, Lyco, for setting me up for success with my education and continuing to help me reach new heights in my writing.

Maggie Shayne says that Sight Beyond the Sun is a “sexy alien abduction thrill-ride!”

Doing a happy dance!! New York Times bestselling author, Maggie Shayne says… “Sight Beyond the Sun is a sexy alien abduction thrill-ride. If you love sci-fi romance, Melody Johnson belongs in your collection!” Eeeek! I was OBSESSED with Maggie Shayne’s Thicker Than Water series in high school. My friends and I would pass her books back and forth to one another, and not only did Thicker Than Water zip through our reading circle like lightening, it’s the only book I ever finished and then went straight back to page 1 to immediately read it a second time – it was that good. It’s mind blowing to me that after all these years of looking up to her, now she likes my book. Thank you, Maggie, for being such an influential author and inspiration in my writing life.

Sunshine State Book Festival TODAY!

In the mood to meet local authors and find your new favorite book? Swing by the Sunshine State Book Festival! Free for all attendees TODAY, Saturday, Jan. 28, 10am-5pm, at 4000 N.W. 53rd Ave. in Gainesville, Florida. I’ve got lots of free goodies in addition to signed books for purchase. Hope to see you at my table!

Book Tour Begins!

I can’t believe my book tour begins today! I’m packed and prepped for stop number 1: the Sunshine State Book Festival! Free for all attendees, swing by anytime tomorrow, Saturday, Jan. 28, 10am-5pm, at 4000 N.W. 53rd Ave. in Gainesville, Florida. I will have both hardcover and paperback copies of Sight Beyond the Sun for sale, as well as copies of all my backlist books. Additionally, I’m attending the author/reader reception tonight 7-9pm. Hope to see you there!

Sherrilyn Kenyon Says Sight Beyond the Sun is Unforgettable!

My dreams are coming true! New York Times and international bestselling author of the Dark-Hunters® series, Sherrilyn Kenyon says that Sight Beyond the Sun is… “Unforgettable, this book stays with you long after you leave it.” Eeek!! Sherrilyn Kenyon and her Dark-Hunter series shaped me as a person, a reader and a writer. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to her speak at romance writer conferences, and last year, I was thrilled to sit near her during a book signing. And now, I’m over the moon to say that she is now a fan of my work.

Release Day! | Sight Beyond the Sun

Hip, hip hooray! TODAY is release day! Sight Beyond the Sun is officially on sale everywhere ebooks are sold!! A huge thank you to everyone who helped to shape this book, especially my fellow writers, Abigail Sharp, Leah Miles and Margaret Johnston, who read my scribbles at its earliest stages; my editors, Nicole Klungle and Linda Ingmanson, for polishing this book to a sparkly shine, Paul and Andrei Trif for designing a cover and rendering character art as if they’d downloaded the vision of Kinsley and Raveno from my brain, and my fellow First Coast Romance Writers for all their support, love and opportunities they’ve provided through the years. Without your help, encouragement, feedback and expertise, this story wouldn’t have dared to leave my computer. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.