National Book Lovers Day

Happy National Book Lovers Day!! Many blessings in my life – personal goals, career ambitions, life passions, self-worth and confidence – were inspired by the brave heroines in romance novels who fought for their lives and loves and won. Thank you to all the authors who continue to influence and inspire through stories of heroes and heroines who overcome great odds to find their happily ever afters…so we can find the strength to do the same.

Read The City Beneath in KU and KOBO Plus Until Aug. 14!

In case you forgot with all the alien excitement… The City Beneath (Night Blood Book 1) is available on Kindle Unlimited and Kobo Plus until Aug. 14! This paranormal romance novel has twisty murder investigations, a heroine who will stop at nothing to reveal the truth and a hero who will do everything to protect his secrets. Like vampires and crime novels? You’ll love this book!

Kirkus Reviews Beyond the Next Star

PINCH ME! More praise coming in for Beyond the Next Star… from Kirkus Reviews! “An engaging and unusual otherworldly tale… The author describes her alien creations in exquisite detail…and her comparisons to familiar Earth creatures make for easy visualization. Even pacing and smooth transitions to different characters’ points of view make for a quick, solid read that remains consistently compelling.”

Podcast Featured Interview

I’m so excited to be featured on The Bookshop at the End of the Internet, a podcast hosted by Stacey Horan! “Melody has kept the dark grit from her paranormal romance Night Blood series and upped the stakes by taking the drama, danger and romance to outer space. Beyond the Next Star allowed Melody to world-build and even create her own language for her alien characters. As with all of her books, this new series includes plenty of danger and excitement as the romance unfolds.” Check it out!