Fact Vs. Fiction Round Two

Separating Fact From Fiction round two! Get the inside scoop on my writing process and my new story, Grave Promises – a short story alongside NYT Bestselling author Alyssa Day! Releases Sept. 22!! 

Words on the Page

I hope you’re taking a moment to enjoy this Labor Day with family, friends, and a load off from the usual grind, but when it’s back to business tomorrow, my best advise to getting started on a first book is to get excited about an idea or character – and just start writing. And don’t stop until your story is done. As the greats have said before me, you can’t edit a blank page.

Dangerous Apparitions

Terra Grum is three impossible things: a witch, Ash Henderson’s former high school crush, and still under his skin. But she’s the only person who might actually believe that a ghost is haunting his house. Despite the tension and longing that lingers between them—feelings better laid to rest—Terra agrees to help exorcise Ash’s ghost. Only by working together can they hope to survive this Halloween night, but their own unfinished business is by far the more dangerous apparition.