Podcast Featured Interview

I’m so excited to be featured on The Bookshop at the End of the Internet, a podcast hosted by Stacey Horan! “Melody has kept the dark grit from her paranormal romance Night Blood series and upped the stakes by taking the drama, danger and romance to outer space. Beyond the Next Star allowed Melody to world-build and even create her own language for her alien characters. As with all of her books, this new series includes plenty of danger and excitement as the romance unfolds.” Check it out!

Fact or Fiction

Do I actually believe in aliens? Did I really read my first romance novel in high school? Did I write Beyond the Next Star on my cellphone? Separate fact from fiction and learn a little bit more about me and my new sci-fi romance novel, Beyond the Next Star!

From Hiking to Writing Beyond the Next Star

You think hot and humid when describing Georgia weather, but in the mountains of north Georgia in the dead of winter while lost on the Appalachian Trail for five hours – its a little bit freezing. This scene in Beyond the Next Star was inspired by that memorable hike with my husband…

Speaking Lori

I had so much fun world building in Beyond the Next Star. On the planet Lorien, the inhabitants speak the language Lori. Be sure to flip to the back of the book for a Lori dictionary – after you read the book, of course! Granted, we’re at the same disadvantage as Delaney in that our human vocal chords can’t growl at the correct depth to truly achieve a precise pronunciation…but we humans do our best.

Finding Hidden Depths

I LOVE characters who reveal their hidden depths throughout a book. Torek is seven feet of battle-hardened muscle, and although he enjoys and is quite capable in his role as commander of the Onik guard, his caring concern and selfless pursuit of Delaney’s health, happiness and pleasure are depths that Delaney discovers at the risk of losing something far more precious than a bad first impression: her heart.