Fact Vs. Fiction Round Two

Separating Fact From Fiction round two! Get the inside scoop on my writing process and my new story, Grave Promises – a short story alongside NYT Bestselling author Alyssa Day! Releases Sept. 22!! 

Words on the Page

I hope you’re taking a moment to enjoy this Labor Day with family, friends, and a load off from the usual grind, but when it’s back to business tomorrow, my best advise to getting started on a first book is to get excited about an idea or character – and just start writing. And don’t stop until your story is done. As the greats have said before me, you can’t edit a blank page.

National Book Lovers Day

Happy National Book Lovers Day!! Many blessings in my life – personal goals, career ambitions, life passions, self-worth and confidence – were inspired by the brave heroines in romance novels who fought for their lives and loves and won. Thank you to all the authors who continue to influence and inspire through stories of heroes and heroines who overcome great odds to find their happily ever afters…so we can find the strength to do the same.

Beyond the Next Star Soundtrack

During my forty-five minute commute to and from work, I listen to dozens of songs, and while I’m singing and thinking about my book—because if I’m not writing my book, I’m agonizing about what I’ll be writing next—the feelings that those songs evoke in me often transform into the soundtrack of my story. These songs are a few of my favorites, but more than that, they’ve influenced my writing, and hopefully, evoke the same feelings you’ll experience while reading my new sci-fi romance novel, Beyond the Next Star. Listen and enjoy on Spotify!

Recipes that are Out of This World

Want recipes that are “out of this world”? Literally for the dishes that Torek makes in Beyond the Next Star, LOL! His “rainol e lokks” is based on my Titi Hedy’s traditional Puerto Rican rice and beans, which my dad makes to perfection. Sign up for my newsletter to get recipe cards!

Hiking in Georgia

My husband and I hiking at Tallulah Gorge State Park last year! This was an AMAZING trip – highly recommend it! And it was during a similar hike in North Georgia on New Years Eve that inspired me to write Beyond the Next Star. Nothing like a 5-hour hike in negative degree weather on the wrong nature trail to make you day dream about being abducted by aliens LOL!

Nothing Worth Having is Easy to Attain

One of my favorite themes in Beyond the Next Star is Delaney’s emotional journey as she slowly discovers her self-worth in the most unlikely of circumstances. She felt fractured long before being abducted by aliens, but like coal under pressure, maybe she can create something precious and beautiful and indestructible, too. It’s not easy to see yourself with new eyes, but nothing worth having is ever easy to attain.

My Voice in Sci-fi Romance

Check out my new author bio video! Reading and writing romance is my life’s passion, but I’m particularly excited to add my voice to the sci-fi romance genre. Beyond the Next Star allowed me to explore the unconventional parameters that constitute home and family, something my heroine was denied in childhood and torn from in adulthood. But as she discovers through her adventure on Lorien, a home isn’t built with a foundation of concrete but of love.