From Hiking to Writing Beyond the Next Star

You think hot and humid when describing Georgia weather, but in the mountains of north Georgia in the dead of winter while lost on the Appalachian Trail for five hours – its a little bit freezing. This scene in Beyond the Next Star was inspired by that memorable hike with my husband…

Speaking Lori

I had so much fun world building in Beyond the Next Star. On the planet Lorien, the inhabitants speak the language Lori. Be sure to flip to the back of the book for a Lori dictionary – after you read the book, of course! Granted, we’re at the same disadvantage as Delaney in that our human vocal chords can’t growl at the correct depth to truly achieve a precise pronunciation…but we humans do our best.

Beyond the Next Star Soundtrack

During my forty-five minute commute to and from work, I listen to dozens of songs, and while I’m singing and thinking about my book—because if I’m not writing my book, I’m agonizing about what I’ll be writing next—the feelings that those songs evoke in me often transform into the soundtrack of my story. These songs are a few of my favorites, but more than that, they’ve influenced my writing, and hopefully, evoke the same feelings you’ll experience while reading my new sci-fi romance novel, Beyond the Next Star. Listen and enjoy on Spotify!

Hardcover is in the House!

The hardcover edition of Beyond the Next Star and my FIRST hardcover edition EVER is officially in my hands!! #happydance … Delaney McCormick is not an animal, but after being abducted by aliens and witnessing the murder of her only friend, she pretends to be one. Must she continue the charade, acting like an animal to hide from the murderer waiting on her misstep? Or can she trust her new owner with her secrets… and her heart?

Recipes that are Out of This World

Want recipes that are “out of this world”? Literally for the dishes that Torek makes in Beyond the Next Star, LOL! His “rainol e lokks” is based on my Titi Hedy’s traditional Puerto Rican rice and beans, which my dad makes to perfection. Sign up for my newsletter to get recipe cards!

Hiking in Georgia

My husband and I hiking at Tallulah Gorge State Park last year! This was an AMAZING trip – highly recommend it! And it was during a similar hike in North Georgia on New Years Eve that inspired me to write Beyond the Next Star. Nothing like a 5-hour hike in negative degree weather on the wrong nature trail to make you day dream about being abducted by aliens LOL!