From Hiking to Writing Beyond the Next Star

You think hot and humid when describing Georgia weather, but in the mountains of north Georgia in the dead of winter while lost on the Appalachian Trail for five hours – its a little bit freezing. This scene in Beyond the Next Star was inspired by that memorable hike with my husband…

Hardcover is in the House!

The hardcover edition of Beyond the Next Star and my FIRST hardcover edition EVER is officially in my hands!! #happydance … Delaney McCormick is not an animal, but after being abducted by aliens and witnessing the murder of her only friend, she pretends to be one. Must she continue the charade, acting like an animal to hide from the murderer waiting on her misstep? Or can she trust her new owner with her secrets… and her heart?

Finding Hidden Depths

I LOVE characters who reveal their hidden depths throughout a book. Torek is seven feet of battle-hardened muscle, and although he enjoys and is quite capable in his role as commander of the Onik guard, his caring concern and selfless pursuit of Delaney’s health, happiness and pleasure are depths that Delaney discovers at the risk of losing something far more precious than a bad first impression: her heart.

My Voice in Sci-fi Romance

Check out my new author bio video! Reading and writing romance is my life’s passion, but I’m particularly excited to add my voice to the sci-fi romance genre. Beyond the Next Star allowed me to explore the unconventional parameters that constitute home and family, something my heroine was denied in childhood and torn from in adulthood. But as she discovers through her adventure on Lorien, a home isn’t built with a foundation of concrete but of love.