2021 Space Coast Memories

The past few weekends I’ve been here, there, and everywhere it seems – from Florida to Pennsylvania and back to Georgia lol! – but now that I‘ve had a weekend of “rest” (catching up on my word count) and looking back on this year’s Space Coast Book Lovers event, I just wanted to give a HUGE thank you to all the readers and fellow authors who make our 2021 book lovers convention so memorable. From participating in my alien abduction BOOKnique, attending Tropes & Sips, crowding my table at the book signing (so exciting!!) and all the many personable interactions throughout the weekend – you’ve shaped a touching experience I’ll never forget. I hope my stories resonate with you the way this experience has with me. Take care and happy reading!

Space Coast Book Lovers

Has COVID-19 and social distancing got you down? Plan for a fun future!! Join me in Cape Canaveral on Thursday, June 24-Sunday, June 27, 2021 along with 70+ other authors at the 5th Annual Space Coast Book Lovers! Meet your favorite authors and discover your next new favorite book! And in addition to the meet and greets and book signing, I’ll be presenting a “Decide Your Fate: Alien Abduction Adventure!”

Independent Bookstore Day at San Marco Bookstore

Join me tomorrow 4-6pm to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day at San Marco Bookstore in Jacksonville. I’ll be signing and selling copies of all my books, including hard covers of Beyond the Next Star!

National Book Lovers Day

Happy National Book Lovers Day!! Many blessings in my life – personal goals, career ambitions, life passions, self-worth and confidence – were inspired by the brave heroines in romance novels who fought for their lives and loves and won. Thank you to all the authors who continue to influence and inspire through stories of heroes and heroines who overcome great odds to find their happily ever afters…so we can find the strength to do the same.