Jax Book Fest – Pre Order Your Next Romance

Coming to the Jax Book Fest? Preorder your copies of The City Beneath, Sweet Last Drop, Eternal Reign and Day Reaper, and I’ll place them on hold for you. You may pick up and pay for your romance novels when you visit my table during the event. Looking forward to seeing you there! http://bit.ly/MJ-book-preorder

Night Blood Now in KU!

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day!! As Cassidy well knows, love can be confusing, messy, and even a little bloody at times, but there’s nothing confusing about how much we love free books on Kindle Unlimited. Starting today, Sweet Last Drop, Eternal Reign, and Day Reaper are all on KU!! Check it out and get your love fix! https://www.amazon.com/author/melodymjohnson

About: Paranormal & Sci-Fi Romance Author

author melody johnson holding book and bookmark.

I’m the author of the “out of this world” Love Beyond series and the gritty, paranormal romance Night Blood series published by Kensington Publishing/ Lyrical Press. My unique perspective on vampires lends fresh bite to the paranormal genre. In addition to a re-imagined transformation—the requirement of night blood—vampires have gargoyle-looking, vicious day forms and an orgasmic bite. I’m constantly upping the stakes, and as the series progresses to Sweet Last Drop (book 2), a mindless, rampaging, zombie-like breed is introduced.

Beyond the Next Star is an exciting branch from my paranormal romance roots, keeping the dark grit from my Night Blood Series and taking it to new worlds. Told from the dual perspectives of both human pet and alien owner, my story weaves a slow-burn romance that explores the bonds of love in all its forms, navigating the main characters’ relationship in delicate stages from oblivious ownership to woke, romantic love.

When I’m not working or writing, I can be found swimming at the beach, hiking with her husband, and exploring her new home in southeast Georgia. Learn more about me and her books at: authormelodyjohnson.com

Recommended Reads: The City Beneath (Night Blood, Book 1) or Beyond the Next Star (Love Beyond, Book 1)