Romancing the Holidays Volume Two!

Looking for a Happily Ever After? How about fourteen of them?! Your favorite anthology is back for Volume 2, and ebook pre-orders are now on sale 💜 Once again, proceeds for Romancing the Holidays benefit First Coast Romance Writers, my local RWA chapter. My contribution to the anthology is Fated by Fire, romance #3 in my Witchy Business series. Check it out!

The Kiss in Grave Promises

There are moments as an author when I reread my work and hate every word. And other times that I actually give myself the feels… “He raised his other hand and cupped her cheek. The supple leather of his glove was smooth on her jaw. He swiped a calloused thumb across her lower lip. She leaned in, and he met her halfway, the pressure of his mouth against hers like crystalline water: flooding her senses, buoying her spirit, catching her fall. Delicious. Essential. Elemental. Five long years of imagining what might have been came to light.”

Dangerous Apparitions

Terra Grum is three impossible things: a witch, Ash Henderson’s former high school crush, and still under his skin. But she’s the only person who might actually believe that a ghost is haunting his house. Despite the tension and longing that lingers between them—feelings better laid to rest—Terra agrees to help exorcise Ash’s ghost. Only by working together can they hope to survive this Halloween night, but their own unfinished business is by far the more dangerous apparition.

Get Spooked this Halloween

What does a witch, a former high school crush, and a ghost have in common? They’re stuck in the same house on Halloween. And no one is getting out until everyone resolves their unfinished business.

Grave Promises Official Trailer

Grave Promises (my contribution to Romancing the Holidays) is a Southern Gothic Romance! A misunderstood witch gives up her Halloween to exorcize a ghost for her former high school crush. But such close contact only resurrects passions better laid to rest.

Romancing the Holidays Available in Paperback

Romancing the Holidays is now available in PAPERBACK!! If you’re searching for a pick me up, look no further. Time to get comfy with a few of your favorite things: coffee, kisses and plenty of happily ever afters.

Sneak Peek into Grave Promises

SNEAK PEEK! Get your first glimpse of our heroine from Grave Promises… “Charles Ashley Henderson III scowled through his black-rimmed glasses and across his rather long nose at Terra Grum darkening his doorstep. From her high-collared, sleeveless lace top and tight jeans to her knee-high combat boots, she was dressed in unrelenting black. Even the roller baggage she’d brought was black. He’d blame the holiday, except he knew from their six years of elementary school, three years of middle school, and four years of high school together that this was her normal everyday attire. And apparently in the five years since graduation, her monochromatic style hadn’t changed.”